I. The Mummy Database

This is an historical database, which lists every Egyptian mummy or mummy part, which has been documented as ever having been brought into the United States or Canada. Thus it contains references to mummies which may no longer exist. Every effort has been taken to annotate mummies which are still extant and which are known to no longer exist.

The database was constructed by taking each mummy reference found and assigning it a code based on its location. A mummy could possibly have had more than one “home” since its arrival in North America--it could have been bought or sold; the owning institution could have changed names; the mummy could have been loaned to another institution, etc. Each time a mummy or part changes its location, a new number was assigned. These numbers were then linked to a unique number for each mummy or part so that the “travels” of an entity can be traced.

The database can chart over 70 access points. To view all these points, see the about page. The following access points are currenly searchable. Search the mummy database

Search the mummy database The results will show every institution which has "owned" the mummy in order. Some information is available but not yet searchable. For questions or comments or additions please contact S.J. Wolfe at Eminadb@gmail.com.