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(I) Selected Bibliographies for Ancient Egypt

(A) General Bibliographies

(B) Subject Bibliographies (One Topic Only) (C) Personal Bibliographies (One Writer Only)

Publications by individual Egyptologists (also CVs and personal web sites) - now due to size a seperate PAGE.

(II) Online Bibliographical Databases et.al. for Egyptology and Papyrology

(III) Databases for Egyptological dissertations and theses in progress

See EEF threads of March 2000 and of June 2001.

(IV) Databases for Egyptological Photographs

(V) Publications by Egyptological societies and institutes

(V) General Book Search Engines, Publishers and Book Sellers

EEF has no commercial ties with any of the following booksellers; the links are listed here merely as service to EEF members, should they want to browse for books (e.g. want to check for availability or prices). (* = also out-of-print/used books; not all have been checked)

(VI) Miscellaneous

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