These are the archives of the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum (EEF).
See below for general remarks about the Archives (copyrights, inclusion of material, arrangement of files and threads, Winzip).
Only highlighted archives can be downloaded. It usual takes quite some time before the archives of a running or previous month are posted (they are sorted by topic, which is a manual job). If you've just subscribed and would like to see recent material about a running thread that interests you, then you may request the Weekly Digest(s) of the current month (with the moderator).
N.B. The posts in the archives are copyrighted! -- see below.

No Jan98 as the EEF did start February 1998., 53.5 kB, 67.1 kB            Contents Feb98-March98-April98, 167 kB, 153 kB, 74.3 kB                Contents May98-June98-July98-Aug98, 55.4 kB, 113 kB, 101 kB, 92.3 kB                Contents Sept98-Oct98-Nov98-Dec98, 198 kB, 107 kB, 71 kB, 90 kB                Contents Jan1999-Feb99-March99-April99, 93 kB, 64 kB, 76 kB, 71 kB                Contents May99-June99-July99-August99, 118 kB, 139 kB, 127 kB, 95 kB                Contents Sept99-Oct99-Nov99-Dec99, 76 kB, 40 kB, 67 kB, 55 kB                Contents Jan2000-Feb00-March00-April00, 67 kB, 113 kB, 109 kB, 108 kB                Contents May00-June00-July00-August00, 79kB, 79kB, 97 kB, 76 kB                 Contents September00-October00-November00-December00, 62 kB, 81 kB, 60 kB, 67 kB                Contents Jan2001-Feb01-March01-April01, 73 kB, 45 kB, 83 kB, 70 kB                Contents May01-June01-July01-Aug01, 84 kB, 100 kB, 81 kB, 83 kB                Contents Sept01-Oct01-Nov01-Dec01, 96 kB, 101 kB, 96 kB,178 kB                Contents Jan2002-Feb02-March02-April02, 109 kB, 107 kB, 128 kB, 88 kB                Contents May02-June02-July02-Aug02, 87 kB, 139 kB, 155 kB, 91 kB                Contents Sept02-Oct02-Nov02-Dec02, 114 kB, 132 kB, 80 kB, 149 kB                Contents Jan2003-Feb03-March03-April03, 101 kB, 93 kB, 204 kB, 114 kB                Contents May03-June03-July03-Aug03, 95 kB, 107 kB, 119 kB, 131 kB               Contents Sept03-Oct03-Nov03-Dec03, 81 kB, 55 kB, 139 kB, 117 kB                Contents Jan2004-Feb04-March04-April04, 101 kB, 124 kB, 135 kB, 85 kB                Contents May04-June04-July04-Aug04, 102 kB, 94 kB, 97 kB, 83 kB               Contents Sept04-Oct04-Nov04-Dec04, 79 kB, 152 kB, 145 kB, 156 kB                Contents Jan2005-Feb05-March05-April05, 111 kB, 157 kB, 172 kB, 148 kB                Contents May05-June05-July05-Aug05, 124 kB, 140 kB, 105 kB, 155 kB               Contents Sept05-Oct05-Nov05-Dec05, 108 kB, 67 kB, 125 kB, 158 kB                Contents Jan2006-Feb06-March06-April06, 131 kB, 119 kB, 109 kB, 92 kB                Contents May06-June06-July06-Aug06, 170 kB, 110 kB, 124 kB, 111 kB               Contents Sept06-Oct06-Nov06-Dec06, 135 kB, 106 kB, 157 kB, 119 kB                Contents Jan2007-Feb07-March07-April07, 132 kB, 1167 kB, 129 kB, 118 kB                Contents May07-June07-July07-Aug07, 108 kB, 107 kB, 129 kB, 146 kB               Contents Sept07-Oct07-Nov07-Dec07, 137 kB, 87 kB, 157 kB, 119 kB                Contents Jan2008-Feb08-March08-April08, 132 kB, 1167 kB, 129 kB, 118 kB                Contents May08-June08-July08-Aug08, 108 kB, 107 kB, 129 kB, 146 kB               Contents Sept08-Oct08-Nov08-Dec08, 137 kB, 87 kB

General Remarks about the Archives

Please be reminded that it is not allowed to quote or re-use postings from the EEF in another electronic forum or in any written medium without the express permission from the original author (poster). Copyrights always remain with the original poster! If you want to use a citation from an EEF message, or work on an original idea expressed in a post, always contact the poster first for permission. If you get permission, act as if you are quoting from a paper journal: cite the name of the author/poster, mention the EEF mailing list, the date on which the message was posted on EEF, and refer to the EEF website ( so that any reader can find the original message in the Archives.
Again: something that is posted on a mailing list or website is NOT in the public domain! (See e.g. 10 Big Myths about copyright).

Because archives are a less fluid/temporal medium than a mailing list, it seems reasonable to take out matters which (when looking backwards) may be slightly embarrassing to posters/members. So should you feel that your post (or part thereof), even though made on a public forum, should not be included in the Archives, then just contact the archivist. It is of course less desirable to edit out material to which others have responded. Normally, typing errors, garbling of names, obvious transliteration gliches, etc, will be removed automatically (if the moderator's eye spots them, that is).

Each monthly archive contains plain text files, each text file gathering sorted posts that make up one subject thread (although sometimes very small threads are combined), so as to create a (hopefully) handy 'reference library'.
Perhaps I may express the hope, that such accessible archives will help prevent the ever re-running of subjects that are very popular with the general public (Amarna Period notably), without a successive run adding something new. When intending to post on those subjects, please check the archives first to see whether your question has not already been indirectly answered.

Please note that the archives are orientated towards threads rather than towards time (months) in a strict sense. So spill-overs may occure, with posts done in one month being archived under the previous or following month, if such posts were a tail or a start of a longer thread mainly taking place in that previous or following month.

The archives have been made with WinZip, the handy Windows version of Pkzip (you can put it on your desktop; it also covers other formats). It's shareware, so you can get a free evaluation copy. People with a Mac can unzip the archives with an advanced copy of Stuffit, like Stuffit Deluxe or Stuffit Expander / Drop Stuff software. (Please let us know whether shareware like Maczip or Unzipit also works, then we put up a link).
If you have saved all the (unzipped) text files of the Archives onto a disk, you can search them for a text string with Text Search, a tiny (and primitive) DOS program (zipped 11kB) that searches all txt or html files on a given disk for an entered name or word. If the text string contains any spaces, put it between "   " and it will be treated as if one word. I believe that for the Mac a similar tool exists called BBEdit.

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