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For the nature of the material posted on this Bulletin Board of the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum, and a note about copyrights, please see end of page.
The CD-ROM reviews and other reviews, original part of the BBS, have moved to a seperate page.

June '12
A new head of Nefertiti identified (HTML), submitted by Raymond Betz [1]

April '11
Nefertiti's jar sealings (HTML), submitted by Katherine Griffis-Greenberg [1]

February '11
Hieroglyphs to decypher (HTML), submitted by Jurgen E. van Oostenrijk [1]

June '10
Pillar of Ptahmose (HTML), submitted by José F. Alonso García [1]

January '10
Stela of Kenro (picture), submitted by Yasmin El Shazly [1]

November '09
Falcon-headed counterpoises (HTML), submitted by Steve Harvey [1]

The earlier BBS material of 1999-2009 has not yet been put back up again, after EEF moved to another web host. You can request any material with the moderator, e.g. when you are reading an old thread that needs pics.

What may be posted on the BBS?

The BBS is designed to carry three types of things that cannot be posted on EEF itself:

1) pictures
When EEF members want to refer to pictures during list discussions, they may post them on this page. In the light of copyrights, a full reference to the source of the picture is required. Also let it be clearly stated that posting such pictures here is intended for educational purposes only and no claim is being made for ownership. Copyrights remain with the owners. Visitors are expected not to copy the pictures to other public forums (whether electronic or printed), but use them strictly for private viewing.
Of course you may also submit hieroglyphic text made with e.g. WinGlyph.

2) essays
The BBS is also the place to post essays that are too long to be posted on EEF. See Charter IV.4. Debate over such material may be conducted on-list, unless the moderator states otherwise. Copyrights remain with the author, so please do not move any material without permission.
Sometimes longer posts that did appear on the list, and that have a rounded nature, are put up on the BBS for the enjoyment of visitors to the website (sometimes with minor addaptions by the author).

3) borderline material
Even lenghty material that in the eyes of the moderator is less suited for the list itself (e.g. too speculative material) may be posted on the BBS, so people can choose for themselves whether they want to see it (without it taking up bandwidth on the list). After all, the moderator is no censor, provided contents do not clearly conflict with Charter rule. Debate about such material is to be conducted off-list.

If you want to start a thread on EEF that refers to material on the BBS, please submit such material some days *before* you do your list post.

The "ref." in the submissions refers to the date of the EEF post to which the BBS material is linked. For such a post cq the thread in which the picture is discussed, see the EEF Archives.

The qualifications [1][2][3] above, after the titles, indicate to which of the three types just mentionned the submission belongs. For types [1] and [2], on-list debate is allowed, but only after reading the relevant threads to which they refer, in order that no duplications may arise. Type [3] is not for on-list debate.

Copyrights and fair use

I've been told that according to the "fair use" exemption to the copyright rule, one is allowed to use quotes and pictures from a work
- for purposes such as criticism, comment, review, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research (cf. uscode),
- provided the quoted material is not more that ca. 30% of the total work (in the European Community: provided it does not exceed 400 words of continuous prose, or 800 words in total from any one work, made up of no more than 300 words per passage, or 25% of the whole),
- provided proper citations and references are given.
As quotes and pictures are placed on the EEF BBS for nonprofit educational purposes, for scholarly debate, and/or for making a debate issue on the work in question, I believe that all materials above are posted without being an infringement of copyrights. If you have an expert opinion on this, then please contact us (email).

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