Occassional Volume EEF, no. 1

A publication of the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum (EEF).

As the "Delta Man in Yebu" (OVEEF1) volume was an EEF project, and in a certain sense an experiment,
some of you may be curious why and how things came about; those readers may find a short account below
the Table of Contents.

Volume info (in AEB format):

A Delta-man in Yebu. Edited by A. K. Eyma and C. J. Bennett, Universal Publishers, 2003
Occasional Volume of the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum, 1. (8.25 x 11 inch [21 x 28 cm];
also in e-book format; V + 244 p., maps, plans, plates, fig., ill., tables). ISBN 1-58112-564-X;
pr. pbk $29.95 US, pr. ebk $9.00 US.

Table of Contents


(I) Royalty in Ancient Egypt

LORTON, David, The Institution of Kingship in Ancient Egypt, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 3-11.

GABER, Amr, Aspects of the Deification of Some Old Kingdom Kings, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 12-31. (appendix)

ROCCHI, Federico, The First Prophet of Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 2003, 32-47. (tables, appendix)

KRAMER, Arris, Enigmatic Kiya, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 48-63. (fig., appendix, table)

BENNETT, Chris, Three Notes on Arsinoe I, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 64-70

(II) Scarabs and Funerary Items

SARR, John, The Gayer-Anderson Amenhotep III Commemorative Scarabs in the Portland Art Museum: Their Discovery and Description, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 71-75. (plates)

ANDELKOVIC, Branislav, and Troy SAGRILLO, The Djed-Ptah-iw-ef-'ankh Shabti Figurine from the National Museum of Belgrade, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 76-80. (fig.)

URANIC, Igor, The Coffin and the Cartonnage of Kaipamaw, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 81-87. (fig.)

GIBSON, Gayle, The Case of the Misplaced Cow: ROM Cartonnage 1910.10, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 88-100. (fig.)

(III) Archaeology and Early Egypt

BRASS, Michael, Tracing the Origins of the Ancient Egyptian Cattle Cult, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 101-110. (tables)

CASTILLOS, Juan José, Preliminary Report on the 2000 Poznan Symposium, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 111-122.

VAN WETERING, Joris, and G. J. TASSIE, Socio-Political Hierarchy of First Dynasty Sites: A Ranking of East Delta Cemeteries Based on Grave Architecture, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 123-146. (maps, fig., tables)

CAGLE, Anthony, A Spatial Analysis of Deposits in Kom el-Hisn, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 147-168. (plans, fig.)

(IV) Egyptology - Past, Present and Future

ADAMS, Matthew, The Egypt Archaeological Database and the Birth of Computerized Inter-site Analysis, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 169-181. (fig., tables)

GRAJETZKI, Wolfram, Digital Egypt for Universities: Koptos in the Second Intermediate Period, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 182-189. (fig.)

STADNIKOW, Sergei, Otto Friedrich von Richters Expedition in Unternubien im Jahre 1815, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 190-202. (fig.)

(V) Ancient Egyptian Language, Science and Religion.

DORANLO, Henri, La construction « jw sDm=f prospectif » dans Kagemni, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 203-209.

LUMPKIN, Beatrice, Ancient Egyptian Mathematics and Forerunners: Some Hints from Work Sites, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 210-214.

GYÖRY, Hedvig, On a Topos in Egyptian Medical History, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 215-224.

SZPAKOWSKA, Kasia, Altered States: An Inquiry into the Possible Use of Narcotics or Alcohol to Induce Dreams in Pharaonic Egypt, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 225-237.

BAILEY, Leslie, ‘Weltende’, in: A Delta-man in Yebu, 238-244.


History of OVEEF1
  The idea behind the book was to see if EEF members would like to
partake in a common publication project, in the same way as  many
regional/non-digital Egyptological societies have forms of paper
publications (of varying levels), besides the core activity of a lecture
programme. Of course there are many venues a professional Egyptologist
can publish in, but the idea was that the volume should (of course, just
like the forum) also be open  to papers of students and laypersons (after
review, and with extra editorial support if desired). Also the fact that so
many regions worldwide are represented on the forum suggested a nice
opportunity (some 13 nationalities are represented in the final result).
  A Call for Papers was issued in the Summer of 2001, with October 2001
as deadline for proposals/abstracts, and February 2002 as deadline
for papers - although these deadlines were not enforced too rigidly. Over
the months, 35 papers or proposals/abstracts were received, although in
time it proved that not all of these could be accepted or be finished. Just
over one year was spent on reviewing, making rewriting suggestions,
editing  and  proofreading the individual papers. Spring 2003 was spent
on composing the volume from the 21 remaining papers, and editing the
book as a whole (adding pictures, enforcing some uniformity in lay-out,
several proofreading rounds, etc), while Summer 2003 was spent on the
selecting of, and dealing with, the publisher. And thus the book was
published two years after the deadline for abstracts. With the experience
acquired, a known publisher, and a stricter editorial policy (e.g., use
of templates), it should be possible to reduce this term significantly in

Format Seeing the previous debates on publication issues on EEF, the book was published in two formats: print-on-demand paperback and e-book. Many people would prefer to hold a book in their hands, and paper is needed for long term availability in libraries, but the e-book format has the advantage of a lower price and needing no shelf space. So we hope proponents of both media are thus served. By making the e-book not for free, it helps to finance the availability of a paper version, and at a fair price at that. In respect to the paper version, the print-on-demand method has the advantages of a relatively quick publishing process, of not going out-of-print due to unanticipated demand, and of relatively low book prices. Due to the maps and certain pictures, a larger book size (8.25" x 11" = c. 21 x 28 cm., close to European A4) was chosen. This increased the paper book price a bit, but by sacrificing some royalties, we could remain under $30. The title of the book is explained in the Preface. There was no free cover design (that is, only at extra costs), so the cover was kept simple, with colours matching the title. The printed book has black&white illustrations, the e-book has some of these in colour. Pictures are not the strong point of print-on-demand, due to the conversions to PDF, but they should be acceptable. If you would print the e-book at home, a printer of 600 dpi (or more) is advised to get best picture quality. Two papers had previously been published (unedited) on the WWW, but they were included in the volume because of their quality (and the book price was not affected by the extra number of pages). Royalties will be used to cover the costs and any balance will be used for future EEF projects.

Ordering The paper book may be ordered directly with the publisher or with any regular bookseller, incl. the well-known online bookshops. The e-book can only be ordered with the publisher. Publisher's prices: Print-on-demand Paperback (8.25" x 11" [21 x 28 cm]; b/w illustrations) $29.95 US Instant Electronic book (4925kB, PDF; some colour illustrations) $9.00 US Universal Publishers accepts credit cards on-line. Shipping&Handling costs of paperback with the publisher: USA/Canada/Mexico: $4.90 for the first copy, $1.95 for each additional copy; other countries: $9.90 for the first copy, $6.95 for each additional copy. You should receive the book in about two weeks.

Feedback Of course you (authors and readers) are invited to share your thoughts about the book (offlist) with the editors. Also whether you think it would be worthwhile to publish more such volumes on occasion, either again in the form of a collaborative volume, or in other formats, such as unpublished conference proceedings that would not otherwise appear, or dissertations. Yours, A. K. Eyma


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